Staying Motivated to Get Fit

Getting Fit

It’s been three months since started my strict diet and fitness plan. To be honest, I’m tired of it! I’m ready to be fit enough already. I’m ready to eat mac n cheese while watching a Sherlock marathon and totally skipping out on workouts. Why? I’m bored. I’m tired of eating the same foods and doing the same workouts. But I really want to reach my goals.

Staying Motivated

Find Fit-Minded People

Last week I started a new job at Gold’s Gym and got myself a membership. Being around a bunch of fit-minded people has really helped me keep moving toward my goals. Its so hard to keep on a diet and fitness program when I’m doing it alone. Working with fitness trainers has helped me stay thoughtful with what I eat and how much I exercise.

Take a Class

I’m even starting to take fitness classes! Today I tried the Body Sculpt class and it kicked my butt! I had so much fun working out with a group. Seeing everyone else pushing through and having a trainer there to help us keep going made the workout so much more fun. Not to mention, it was working muscle groups I wasn’t focusing on before.


Like I said, I’ve been bored with my food: meat, veggies, protein smoothies, and no treats. The biggest difficulty has been not having treats and finding new ways to eat the same foods. To stay motivated, sometimes you have to reward yourself. But it’s important not to go overboard. So I’ve started adding little treats like home-made granola bars, frozen fruit bars, natural peanutbutter, and flourless cookies. I try to only have one every other day, but I’m not perfect. Even if these are high calorie foods, most of them have healthy fats, natural sugars, and good vitamins. No empty calories here!

Reaching Goals

Even if I skip a workout or eat an extra treat, I’m not gaining any more weight. I’ve even lost and extra pound! Sometimes to stay on track, you have to give yourself a little reward. But don’t get used to it! A treat is only a treat if its something special, something you don’t get everyday.

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