Christmas Fever

This is my first Christmas living in my own apartment,  and I’m pretty sure I’ve caught Christmas fever. I’ve been reading Southern Living and trying to make the perfect holiday home, but I’m not sure if that’s possible the first time around. Either way, I’m giving it a try!

Christmas Tree

I’ve already made my slice-n-bake lemon-rosemary cookies. The dough is in the freezer ready to bake for the family just before I take my trip to Tennessee. You can find the recipe on the Southern Living website, here. I have a cute cake stand centerpiece with holiday salt and pepper shakers. The mantel is decorated in white an gold with festive lights. Of course I had to Instagram the decorations; I’m a millennial. I even bought a real Christmas tree. I’ve never had a living Christmas tree and I have no idea how to keep it! I’ve heard that the trees can shed, but my gosh there are pine needles everywhere! Since we have an apartment, the tree is only four feet tall and I have to stand it on a piece of furniture. I bought a tarp to protect the furniture and have the presents around the tree. I’m keeping my fingers crossed I don’t kill the poor tree before Christmas.


Since I’ve been dying to have some plant life in the apartment, we also bought a beautiful holiday cactus. This is one of the only plants I could find that aren’t poisonous to cats. I have no idea if the cats will try to eat any plants we bring in, but I wanted to be on the safe side. Right now the plant is big a beautiful with blooms everywhere. I’m just hoping I can keep it that way all season so it will bloom again next year.

Finally, I’m making several home-made gifts for Christmas this year. I can’t post any photos of them yet, since they are surprises, but I’ll probably do another craft blog to show how I made them.


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