Pinterest Worthy DIY Clothespin Wreath

It’s a holiday card holder! It’s an artsy picture frame! It’s a clothespin wreath!

Clothespin Wreath

The clothespin wreath is cute but useful and can displayed year long in neutral colors.

Any Pinterest fan knows that there are thousands of ways to make a wreath. I’ve been looking around for a simple DIY wreath for the past week and finally settled on a practical clothespin wreath. It only takes 30 minutes to make and costs next to nothing.

What you need for a clothespin wreath

Here are the supplies you need:

  • wire hanger
  • clothespins
  • beads
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • twist tie or pipe cleaner
  • jewelry tools (optional for shaping wire hanger)
  • spray paint (optional for painting clothespins)

Step 1: Paint the Clothespins

If you want colorful clothespins, go ahead and paint them first. Paint in a well ventilated area and use newspaper to protect the ground. Start painting with the paint can eight inches away from the pins. Painting with the spray can too close, may create uneven paint coat that will probably take longer to dry.


Broken end

Step 2: Shape the Wire Hanger

I started by untwisting the top of the hanger. The jewelry tools helped get me started. From there, I straighten out the sharp corners and created a gentle curve in the wire by making tiny bends ever inch. Eventually it started looking like a wreath (see above). Finally, I cut off the short, curled end of the wire. If you don’t have powerful scissors, bend the wire back and forth a few times until it breaks. Removing this twisted end makes stringing the clothespins and beads on the wire much easier (see right).

Step 3: Add Clothespins and Beads

Add Beads and Pins

I started my pattern with a bead to make sure I got the right size. Then I tried a clothespin, sliding the wire through the clothespin’s spring near the center of the pin. I slid the pin to the end of the wire, toward the hook, but the medium sized pins I used, had trouble getting over small bumps in the wire. When I found a spot where the pin got stuck, I used the flat clamp jewelry tools to hold  the wire and straighten out the bump. It wasn’t perfect, so I used a little force to push the pin over the wire bump.  Then, I kept adding beads and clothespins until the wire was full, pretty easy!

Step 4: Twist Together Ends and Make a Bow

Finally, I twisted the end of the wire to the still twisted part near the hook. I kept the hook to hang on a wall or door. Now it’s time to take the ribbon and twist tie/pipe cleaner to make a bow. There’s no way I could explain how to do this in a blog, especially since I just learned how to make a big bow while working on this. Here’s the video I used: How to Make a Large Bow

Clothespin Wreath

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