Festive Fabric Pumpkins

I finally decided it was time to decorate the apartment for the fall. When I was looking through an old wallet I found a gift card for Michaels – Jackpot! I went Michaels and found a great sale to create the table spread below. I know the placemats aren’t really fall themed, but they are the ones we use every day.

Fall Table Spread

But I thought that wasn’t enough to decorate the apartment. I needed something more, something handmade. That’s when I found this great idea to make fabric pumpkins! I made three last night. I stumbled a little on the first one, but the last two were really easy. All three look great. I’m using the smallest one as a tiny pumpkin pin cushion.


All you need are a pair of scissors, some fabric (for the pumpkin and stem), yarn, thread, measuring tape, and a few needles for the thread and yarn. You can make these pumpkins as big or as small as you want. Just cut your fabric with the long side twice the length of the short side ex. 3×6″, 7×14″, 10×20″. The largest one I made is 10.5×21″. I purchased pre-cut pieces of fabric so I could make several pumpkins with a variety of fabrics. They came in 21×18″ pieces at Jo-Ann.

Fabric QuartersHow to Create Fabric Pumpkins

  1. Cut fabric in a 1×2″ ratio
  2. Fold your fabric piece in half, hamburger, so the side you want facing out is facing in
  3. Hand sew the side opposite of the fold, tie off
  4. Hand sew the bottom and cinch closed
  5. Hand sew around the top, but do not close
  6. Turn inside out
  7. Fill with stuffing
  8. Cinch the top closed
  9. Thread your yarn through your large needle, tie end
  10. Push needle through center of pumpkin all the way out of the opposite end.
  11. Bring the needle back to the top and repeat until you have the right number of bumps for your pumpkin, tie off
  12. Cut a small piece of fabric for the stem, sew the side and bottom, turn inside out, fill, stitch the opening and sew onto the top of your pumpkin
  13. Admire your work!



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