Shake Your Groove Thing

Thank you, Ben Aaron, for posting this great video.  Someone I met through my internship at the Knoxville Opera, apparently knows this mysterious dancing man from New York.  He posted the video on Facebook.

I love this idea: dance walking.  I mean, what better way is there to get around the city than to dance?  I dance regularly anyway,  so why not try it while getting somewhere?  Not only is it fun for me, but it’s fun for others to watch, whether they think I’m crazy, fun or hilarious.  Maybe I can be a bunch of people to join me like Ben Aaron did.

Either way I think this is what I will be doing once I graduate Dec. 15.  I’ll be dancing with joy!  After this week I will no longer have to worry about finals or exams again! Unless, of course, I decide to take another round of torture for my masters degree . . . that option is still up in the air, but I will probably wait a little while before I go back to school if I want my masters.

I found another video on Reddit, yes I know I’m on Reddit way too much, about musical traveling.  A man was apparently riding the subway when suddenly a Modern Day Jester showed up . . .

This is one reason I love living in a city.  You never know who or what you might find.  I’ll be moving to Washington D.C. soon, and I’m excited to start exploring the city.  It’s been indicated that I may be getting a new street bike as a graduation gift.  If I do get one, I’ll be exploring the city on that thing all day!  I love the bike lanes in D.C. that just don’t exist here in Knoxville.


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