On the Job Hunt

As graduation looms above me like a dark storm cloud waiting to let down its torrential rains, I have been consumed with The Job Hunt.

Ok, maybe comparing graduation to a giant storm cloud wasn’t quite the same feeling I get when thinking about finally having a degree, but I think it gets my point across: With graduation, comes the need for a job, fast!  But here’s the thing, I’m searching for a job in an area where I have slim to no connections for a job that is all about making connections to the right people.  I think I feel the storm clouds rolling in.

My Linkedin

But I have found a small solution to help me get my foot in the door: Linkedin.  I have been joining group after group for Washington D.C. professionals and new graduates.  I have already made a few new connections with people who seem interested in new graduates in communications.  Most of these groups even post job opportunities so I can search for communications positions in D.C.   Linkedin groups also have open forums for members to post on.  I posted in an “Introduce Yourself” thread a few weeks ago and attracted a response from marketing professional in the D.C. area.  I’ve already sent that individual my resume.  One down 100 to go!  Finally, I’m trying to be more interactive with the Linkedin community by posting on these threads and trying to help answer questions.  Earlier today, I helped out a public relations student in New York search for an internship position in LA.  I hope the search I found her helped!

I think interacting on Linkedin is a great way to find connections and jobs.  My profile as also received several more views from recruiters than it did before I started involving myself in the LInkedin community.


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