Gaza Reporter, Nadim Baba, on Reddit

Yesterday, the Al Jazeera correspondent in Gaza, Nadim Baba, went on to answer a few questions from redditors about what is happening in Gaza.  Reddit is always on the lookout for fake accounts so for proof Nadim posted a short mention about the reddit event.  Nadim could only answer a few of the hundreds of comments yesterday because of slow internet connection and blasts near his office.

One response really resonated with me from the AMA.  It was a response to GuantanaMo’s question, “Could you describe the atmosphere in Gaza?”  Nadim said that the normally busy streets are now quiet and many families are having difficulty sleeping from nearby blasts and are sleeping in the same room.  This is exactly how my grandmother described her childhood experience in WWII Japan.

My mother and my grandmother were born in Japan.  Both are U.S. citizens, but my grandmother was born as a Japanese citizen.  She laughs about it now, but she remembers huddling with her family at night as bombs exploded around her family home in Okinawa.  Her father would say that if they died that night they would die together, as a family.  She also talked about the city keeping all the lights off at night so make it harder for enemy planes to find their target.  One day she heard an explosion and thought a bomb had exploded.  To her surprise, an enemy  plane had been shot and was falling from the sky in flames.  She said she and the other children cheered as the plane went down.  My grandmother has some incredible memories.  I can only imagine what people in Gaza will remember from this time.


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