Facebook launches Social Jobs app

This week I’ve been diving into the job hunt.  It hit me that, in less than one month, I will be an official graduate from the University of Tennessee.  One month, I can barely believe it!  That means no more protective classrooms, no more unpaid internships (hopefully) and no more living under my parents’ roof!  Yes, I’ve been living with my parents while I’m in school.  I have no idea how some of my classmates can afford school, sororities, apartments, smartphones and every day bills while going out for drinks regularly.  But, according to CNN, 53 percent of 18-to 24-year-olds report living with their parents or having moved in with them temporarily.  At least I’m in the majority here.

Since I plan on moving to Washington D.C., I’ve been searching around USAJobs.  It has been a great resource, but I recently heard from Wired that Facebook launched a new job-listing app called Social Jobs.  I had to check it out.  Here’s what it looks like:

I really like the idea Facebook has, but I’m struggling to find jobs based on my search criteria.  If you look at my screenshot, you can see I’ve chosen the category Editorial/Media/Journalism with the subcategory Editing & Proofreading.  I also narrowed my search to jobs in the 22042 zip code.  This seems pretty straightforward.  Unfortunately, Social Jobs returned with jobs like this: Bar Back with Legal Sea Foods and Health Care Services Director with Muscular Dystrophy Association.  Can someone explain to me how stocking a bar or working as a health care director has anything to do with editing and proofreading?  I mean, I love Legal Sea Foods but there is no way that working at a bar is related to editing.

Despite the difficulty I had in finding jobs related to my fields, there are still some benefits.  Although I might not be interested in working at a bar,  I might have a friend who is.  Almost all of my friends are on Facebook and I can send them the job with one click.  If I happen across a job I’m interested in, I can “Like” it, which will probably be posted on my wall.  Anyone who sees my Facebook page can see the jobs I’ve liked and let me know if they’ve heard of any openings.

I really like the idea of making job searching social.  Networking is key in landing your dream job.  However, Social Jobs still has a few bugs to work out so job hunters can actually find jobs they want.


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