My Favorite Place on the Internet

I’ve been so stressed.

It’s my last semester at the University of Tennessee.  I didn’t realize just how stressful that could be.  I am taking 16 credit hours, interning with two organizations, preparing for graduation and hunting for a job in Washington D.C.  I’ve been doing all of this while working toward the end of a three year civil lawsuit, which was a complete waste of everyone’s time.  The jury found the plaintiff, not me, 100 percent at fault.  That means the jury said I did nothing wrong.   Thankfully, justice prevails!

So when I feel overwhelmed from all of the daily stress, I take a moment to visit  This place is filled with ridiculously adorable images of all kinds.  It’s impossible not to smile.  Take this pug and baby image for example.  How in the world did someone get all these tiny pugs to fall asleep with this little baby?! is just a massive collection of adorable photos and Gifs.  Most of my friends visit this site to de-stress and adore all the tiny beings of the world.  I even catch my boyfriend on here, aw-ing at little kittens.  And who can blame him?  They’re precious!  Here’s a little kitten daredevil climbing up someone’s arm.  I think this is at a pet shop, and this guy wants a home!

Finally, I wanted to add this image I found of a snake trying to bite way more than it can eat.  Whoever posted this titled it “Ambition.”  Although I am stressed and constantly busy, I know it’s because I have ambitions and goals to accomplish.  This may seem like a lot right now, but as I continue to grow in my profession, this work will seem like nothing.

So, to all of my friends who are seniors and preparing for graduation, don’t stress!  All this work will pay off!  Until then, check out


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