You can’t run from politics

You can try to run.  You can try to hide.  But somehow the election will find you.

You might try to avoid the paper and your favorite online news sites, but eventually election news will find you.  You may be misinformed or poorly informed but some form of information will seep through the cracks and you’ll hear about candidates trying to win over the swing states or flip flopping on a policy statement.  Even when you log into Facebook where you are only tied to your close friends you’re likely to run into election news since I’m sure someone will post about voting.

And why would you hide from the election anyway?  I mean, we’re voting for our country’s leader who will help us build relationships with other states, keep citizens safe and healthy, and protect our freedoms.  That’s the goal at least.  If we forget to vote or try to hide from the overwhelming media coverage we could see our freedoms, healthcare and international relationships go right down the drain!

So yes, election coverage in the media has been blowing up like the night sky on July 4th.  I’m tired of hearing about it too.  I can’t turn on a news station for 15 minutes without seeing some superficial poll about the election.  BUT this is important stuff!

It can also be a little fun when you’re part of it all.  Today, I found Instagramming the Election in my Facebook news feed from the New York Times.  People could post pictures of their voting escapades with the hashtag #NYTelection. There are so many hashtags on Twitter!  The Washington Post even posted about election tweet overload in  Election Day hashtags: How to avoid Twitter overload.

Since today is election day, I am following Politco’s 2012 Election Map to see who is winning where.  This is the first election I’ve voted in and it’s pretty interesting to keep up with.  Right now it’s a close race!  Lets see who wins!


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