I Noticed a Few New Linkedin Features

To be honest, I’m not very active on Linkedin.  I know it’s a wonderful resource to connect with professionals. I have connected with professionals and students I worked with but I haven’t really used Linkedin as a social media platform.

I logged into Linkedin recently and noticed that Linkedin has made a few changes while I was away.  The skills I once typed  as a resume side note are now interactive!  I really like this new feature because friends can recommend skills to add to your page and endorse the skills you already have up!  While some people don’t want to type out a recommendation letter or even the short Linkedin version, they can just click through the skills you have listed.

I love this new feature because it makes endorsing someone you’ve worked with so easy and clear.  Current and past employers an project team members can click on the skills you displayed on the job, so Potential employers can see what skills you the most endorsements on to determine if you skills are a good fit for the job.  Plus, it helps people stay in touch.  I receive an email notification every time someone endorses a skill.  When I see that I usually go to check out their page.  If they have added a few new skills I knew they have I will send them an endorsement too.

Since I’ve been working with few great teams this semester, I decided to give a few endorsements and make a few new connections.


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