Safe in Brooklyn

I don’t know about you, but every time I’ve turned on the news for the past two weeks I only hear three things: Sandy, Obama and Romney.  It has been driving me up the wall.  Before the storm hit I thought the media was blowing the storm way out of porportion.  Of course I also ran into an article or two questioning how Obama and Romney would react to the storm and how that would effect votes.  Our weather and our politics have been in turmoil.

Anyway, my Aunt Jean has been in Brooklyn for over a decade and never has a storm like Sandy whipped through the city.  The morning after Sandy blew through New York, NPR said that Brooklyn was flooded along with the subways.

My first reaction was to send her an email to see if she was ok.  Thankfully, her apartment was completely unaffected.  She emailed me back only a few hours later saying her apartment hadn’t been touched.  She is on a slight hill so there was no flooding in her area and she never lost power.  Thank goodness!  Email and social media make contacting friends and family so quick and easy.  I was in class from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. so there was no way for me to call her until the afternoon.

While I was looking for more information about the storm in New York, I found #Sandy.  People were posting all kinds of updates from Governor Christie’s activities to brands who . . . responded poorly to the crisis.   It looks like these brands were trying to surf on the Sandy buzz just to get people to click on their pages.


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