PR Day 2012

Friday, the University of Tennessee hosted its first Public Relations Day since 2010.  In 2010 I was a new member of the Sammie Lynn Puett Chapter of PRSSA.  I helped with PR Day 2010 by hosting for Wendell Potter.  I actually found some photos of the 2010 event from PRSSA’s Flicker account.

Anyway, I was surprised to see PRSSA and the guest speakers didn’t utilize twitter hashtags so everyone could tweet about the event.  During Social Media Week speakers used Twitter to keep track of questions and comments throughout presentations.  At least that’s what the Tombras Group did.

But when I searched Twitter for #prday I saw that attendees were tweeting away at the event.  There were a lot of memorable quotes people tweeted.  In particular, I remember keynote speaker and NFL executive vice president of communications, Paul Hicks, saying, “If you’re gonna eat shit, don’t nibble.”  Hicks got a big reaction from that one.  At the time, Hicks was talking about the importance of talking candidly but doing so at the right moment.  Sometimes saying what he said there, isn’t the right move, but Hicks argued that sometimes it is.

There were many other quotable tweets from top, local communicators.  In case you didn’t come to PR Day *shame!* here are the great speakers you missed out on!



Christopher Harvin

Founding partner of Santias International – global strategic communications, D.C.

Cindy Dupree

Director of public relations – Tennessee Department of Tourist Development

Mark McNeely

Senior partner – McNeely Pigot & Fox – public relations firm, Nashville

Greg Stroud

Vice president – HGTV’s Integration Team

Penny Behling

Founder – Dynamic Dragon Boat Racing of Knoxville

Jimmy Buckner

Scarecrow Foundation – Knoxville group dedicated to ending hunger in America

Jeff Cuellar

AC Entertainment

Hubert Smith

WUTK 90.3 radio host and UT lecturer

Hunter Baddour

and Jared Karnes

Allegiant Athletic Agency


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