VP Debate

I know I’ve been trying to keep up with all the political debates and the reactions on social media but I completely missed the VP debate.  Even though I’m on fall break, I’m still working, going to my internship and completing assignments.  So much for a break!
I did find a few tweet highlights from CNN, however.  I think my favorite is from Jill Morris ‏‪–

“The VP candidates get to sit because they’re exhausted from standing up for our values. ‪#VPDebate.”

Thank goodness for YouTube and other social media sites.  Between television, radio and social media it seems impossible to avoid politics these days.  Even those who don’t want anything to do with the upcoming elections seem to have at least some knowledge of what’s going on.  If you missed the debate, like I did, here is the full debate.


Mashable also has another great graphic on tweet peaks during the debate.  I have it posted at the bottom.  Something else Mashable talks about is how each campaign is using social media to show a behind the scenes look at each candidate.  I talked about this in my older post, The Social Campaign.


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