My Facebook Business Cards

About a week ago I got an offer for free Facebook cards from a company called Moo.  Actually ,I think it was a Facebook ad.  Anyway, I clicked the link and went on to make my very own Facebook business cards, at around 3 a.m.  I was really excited when they finally got to my house.  They are very clean, colorful and crisp. It’s pretty amazing how prominent Facebook and other social media platforms have become. Facebook not only has over 900 million global users, but business are even making cards based on user profiles!  Even Mashable caught onto these cards.

I can see the benefits to these cards if a business wanted to drive more traffic to its Facebook page.  However, when and where should a company distribute them, and are they appropriate to use as personal business cards?

It all depends.

A good time for a business to distribute Facebook cards would probably be at conventions or events that bring together large groups of the company’s target audience.  To ensure that the cards aren’t simply thrown away, a competition or giveaway could be included for people who like the company Facebook page that day.

For personal use, I think it’s a great idea for professional communicators trying to make their name stand out, especially for social media gurus.  The next time I attend a networking session where I might meet people interested in social media professionals, I know I’ll bring a few of these cards with me.   Plus, they make it so easy to find me online.  They look just like my profile page.


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