Teaching the Class

I’m giving a 30 minute presentation on Facebook this Tuesday. I am teaching my social media class all about Facebook and how to use it for business.  I was a little nervous at first, but as I started researching Facebook’s growth history  and all the ways businesses can use this social media site, I realized, there is no way for my class, who has never served as a page admin, could know all of this.  If anyone in that class is interested in a social media position, I think my presentation will help.  You can view my slide presentation on my Slideshare account or at the bottom of this post.

Facebook is the No.1 social media site in the world.  It has over 900 million active users compared to twitter’s 500 million and Google+ at 100 million.  With more daily, active users than total twitter users, there are plenty of people for businesses to target.

If you are interested in learning more about Facebook marketing, you should check out this page.  There are tons of tips, tricks and tutorials that are great for small businesses or those who are new to marketing on social media.  This page also helps explain how to create, understand and utilize your brand’s Facebook page.  Once you create a page, there are plenty of ways to start your interest.  One is through Facebook ads.  You can target a specific audience by age, location, interests.


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