The Pintrest Addiction

Hi.  My name is Jen and I’m a Pinterest addict.

Crafting. Cooking. Fitness.  Every time I’m on Pinterest I feel like I’m looking through a magazine designed just for me.  Like most of my girlfriends, I love to just looking through magazine pictures.  Thankfully, magazines only have so many pages.  Pinterest on the other hand, Never. Seems. To end.  I can check out thousands of images that are based on my personal interests . . . and I do.  My guilty pleasure is finding easy crafts for party decorations or to spice up a room. I just started following HGTV for the Handmade section.  I can’t wait to make the starburst mirror they posted!

With 167,037 followers HGTV is clearly a hit on Pinterest.  I can definitely see the appeal since HGTV is all about getting the look and Pinterest is all about the pics.  But can other companies use Pinterest to their advantage?  I’ve been wondering this myself for a few weeks.

I’m interning with an organization that doesn’t sell a physical product, which makes pinning images a little difficult. But my boss wants to get involved with Pinterest.  While I know it isn’t necessary for an organization to have a profile in every social media site, I felt like this is a personal challenge.  I found this article on PR Daily about how companies can utilize this relatively new platform.  Since my boss already signed us up for a page, I might as well try out some of these tips.

There are a lot of companies out there that are trying to take advantage of Pinterest, and it’s working.  Here’s a fun little  infographic explaining how Pinterest is helping drive retail traffic.  Here’s an example – American Signature Furniture is utilizing Pinterest by starting a pinning competition.  I just might join in.


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