The Word of Mouth Phemomenon

The xx‘s newest album has become an overnight viral success. While I’m not a big fan, ok I didn’t even know about the xx until I read this article, I think what the band managed to accomplish with the new album release is pretty amazing. Only one “Superfan” received the new album, Coexist, before the official launch. Within a few hours, news of Coexist went viral and crashed the website.  All of this happened in a crazy short amount of time beginning with one very influential fan.

This is target marketing at its best.  The xx was able to find a single individual that would be able to reach a substantial amount of the band’s fan base before the media was able to report on the album, the next day!  It was efficient.  It was effective.
The xx said they found the superfan instantly from posts on “the xx-related social media.”  This superfan held back on releasing the album for about an hour.  My guess is that , as a strong influences, he or she wanted to make sure this new album was good enough to disperse. Read the full article here.
If you haven’t heard the xx’s music yet, here is a video so you see what all the buzz is about.


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