I Reddit!

For the past few days, I’ve been trying to master this new social media tool suggested by Peter Vogel on Google+.  It’s called ifttt and it’s not been working for me.  I tried to use the “Recipe” If Facebook Then Twitter,  but it either doesn’t register or gives me an error with no explanation.  If Facebook Then Twitter is supposed to help  you with posting.  If you post a new Facebook status Then Twitter will post that status. I was hoping I could figure it out and make an awesome blog to help you tweet, post and pin collectively and efficiently.  It turns out I could use some help!

After failing to use ifttt, I decided to surf around my favorite social media site, Reddit.  Reddit is filled with memes, news articles, celebtrities and “subreddits” for pretty much any interest or curiosity.  The first thing I look at is a post tittled –

I have to say, I agree.  Have you ever wondered where your friends or family are while they’re taking a long, international flight?  Well, I have.  With Flightradaryou can figure out exactly where they are in real time!  So if my friend was flying to Paris I could figure out where the flight is by the flight number.  After looking over the United States, I’m amazed that we don’t have massive plane crashes ever four minutes.  The number of planes in the sky nearly blacks out the entire map!

So if you’re looking for a little inspiration or random nuggets of information like Flightrader check out Reddit.  It’s also great way to waste time if you have that kind of luxury.


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