The Social Campaign

I’ve never really involved myself in politics like I should, but this year I’m making a change.  I’ve submitted my voter registration form and I’m anticipating the big vote this November.  There’s only one reason why I’ve made a real effort this year to keep up with the campaigns – social media.

This is the first time I’ve seen candidates make a big push to online communities.  President Obama and his team have made a particularly strong effort to show Obama’s personal, human side along with his political efforts through a variety of social media platforms.  Being able to see Obama spending time with his family and goofing around has made him incredibly popular online.  Supporters even create their own Obama memes.

While the Obama campaign has seen success in the social media world, the Romney campaign says it’s catching up.  Social media has become a new tool for measuring approval rates but drawing conclusions from social media activity is still a controversial topic.

The real winner in these social campaigns are the voters.  People, such as myself, who have not participated in past elections are receiving more information about the campaigns through social media.  Friends and peers are posting to Facebook and Twitter about the presidential candidates.  I hope more people become involved in this year’s election.  Only 65 percent of voting-age citizens participated last year according to the Census Bureau.


3 thoughts on “The Social Campaign

  1. I completely agree! While I do care about the fate of this country, the biggest thing that has pushed me to become interested in this election and apply for an absentee ballot to vote is social media. Partly because half of the people I see talking about politics on social media are ignorant, and if they are voting, then I believe I should as well to counteract that. I didn’t have a Twitter 4 years ago, and that may be the reason why I wasn’t informed about the election and didn’t vote.

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