Get Nasty – The Home Workout Movement

“Get nasty,” says Lisa-Marie as she keeps her BodyRockers motivated to finish an intense workout.  Lisa-Marie hosts fitness videos for BodyRock.TV.  She’s fit and energetic and I find myself logging in to YouTube every week to follow her killer workout routines. is encouraging a “home workout movement.”  Avoid the high gym costs and intimidation of exercising alongside muscular bodies that make you look like a shrimp (maybe that’s just me) by following online fitness videos and guides.  You can get a great workout in your own home so forget the gym commute and just turn on your computer.  That’s what I did over the summer when I ran into

I was out of school for the summer so I didn’t have access to the university gym.  Since I needed to save my money for the fall semester I couldn’t afford a pricy gym membership.  At first I searched YouTube and found a few good videos but I could never find something I could stick to with consistent videos that offered more than three or four moves to strengthen specific muscles.  Finally I stumbled onto BodyRock.

The videos I watched from were like entire fitness classes condensed and intensified.  They fit me perfectly.  I knew once school started again I would have little time to keep my goal of exercising three days a week.  I can follow a BodyRock routine just once when I’m in a hurry or go through it three times if I don’t have to worry about walking the next day, ouch! has their own website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flicker account that are all very interactive.  You can add YouTube videos to your favorites and comment or ask questions on the any of the websites.


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