My Blogging Experiment 2.0

Welcome to my Blogging Experiment 2.0!  In my Blogging Experiment 1.0, I was just
collecting all of my communication works into an online portfolio, but that doesn’t
really count as a blog.

So here I am, sitting in front of a computer trying to create a blog that stands out.  Creating a fun and interesting blog can’t be too hard, can it?  Well Mashable gives a list of over 40 free blog hosting platforms with thousands of bloggers and millions of blogs.  How on earth does anyone stand out?  Honestly, it feels like an impossible task. But I know it
can be done!

How have people managed to stand out in any social media platforms when it seems like everyone has already been there and done that?

If you hadn’t guessed from the title, Breaking and Entering, my experimental blog is going to explore how folks have broken through media clutter and entered into a realm of influence among other social media users.
Stay tuned to see what social media leaders have turned me into a loyal follower
while I figure out just how they did it.


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